Ringneck Hunting Preserve
Ringneck Hunting Preserve

Huge Buck

This Huge Buck was New York States Largest Trophy Buck taken November 6, 2000, during Archery Season scoring an incredible 172 6/8 points. Taken by Danny E. Walp on farmland near Ringneck Preserve, this buck has a full body mount and is on display at numerous sportman's shows.

Deer Hunting

Opening day 2007. Some nice bucks and a bonus coyote.

More Deer Pictures HERE

 New York State has one of the largest deer populations ever and our area is no exception. We are surrounded by farmland consisting of high mineral content alfalfa, clover, corn fields and wild apple orchards, all favorite foods of deer. The property consists of hardwoods, blocks of spruce, pine and fir plantations all providing excellent cover and bedding areas. Many nice racks are taken consistently each year throughout the area.

New York State Big Game License Required!

Deer Hunting Gun

(Shotgun and rifle permited)

Two Days Minimum $350.00

Additional $25.00 per deer harvested for Habitat improvement costs

First day hunts from tree stands or ground blinds. Second day driven hunts. Noon meal provided at clubhouse each day.

Deer Hunting Bow

$125 per day.

Additional $25.00 per deer harvested for Habitat improvement costs

Pre Season Scouting Permitted. You are basically on your own. You may use your stands or ours and select the area you wish to hunt in.

Overnight Accommodations available with meals available at nearby Turkey Trot Acres or nearby hotels in Owego, NY.

Self contained campers permitted

Your Hosts
Ray & Deb Kalwara
56 Olkowski Road
Candor, New York 13743
(607) 659-3208

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2023-2024 Season
Open To The Public
September 1st thru April 15th

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